GTA Online, $ 500,000 in-game money gift to everyone

GTA Online offers $ 500,000 one-time in-game money to all players throughout April. In addition, with the latest GTA Online update, 3 times money and discounts in various modes are waiting for the players.

Online mode of GTA 5 GTA Onlinehas been popular for a long time. Developer Rockstar Games continues to release new content and updates for GTA Online and to give in-game gifts to players.

Rockstar Games, April 1 themed, covering the Los Santos map for GTA Online with snow April fool's to anyone who played GTA Online during the month of April after it released its update. $ 500,000 the gift announced that in-game money will be given.

How to get $ 500,000 in-game cash prize in GTA Online?

gta online in-game cash prize

Rockstar Games gives all players who played GTA Online for $ 500,000 a single time in April. All players need to do is join a lobby to get a prize money in GTA Online. Rockstar, the ones who attend a lobby of money gift online mode Maze Bank He says he will be sent to his account.


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The developer has made sure that the in-game prize money will be deposited Up to 7 days He says he can drive. In addition to the cash prize, Rockstar announced that players will earn 3 times more money in all Arena, Time Trial and RC Time Trial modes throughout April. The GTA Online update also offers great discounts on some of the best tools in GTA. All details about the latest GTA Online update from here You can reach.

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