Guide to electronic parking wheels: Legal models

Under certain conditions, electric parking discs are legal in Germany. We show what matters and which variants are not allowed.

In recent years, there are more and more parking spaces in front of supermarkets, shopping centers and hardware stores, which are checked by private security services. Anyone who forgets to put a parking disc behind the windshield or to set the current time during a short shopping trip risks a fine. This problem can be easily solved with automatic parking discs from the world.

Who overlooks such a sign on the supermarket parking lot, risked a fine.

But beware, who wants to exchange his conventional parking disc for an electronic variant, must pay attention to some things. Not all available models are allowed. In order to comply with the legal framework, the following points are required:

  • On the front of the must P (white lettering on a blue background, traffic sign 314)
  • The imprint arrival time must be present
  • After switching off the engine / parking the vehicle, the parking disc must not change its settings
  • The time must be in 24-hour format (for example, 17:30)
  • The time must be easy to read
  • The display must be at least 2 cm high
  • There must be a type approval

If only one of these characteristics does not apply, the use is in traffic Not permissible and the use protects accordingly Not before a punishment.

This electronic parking disc is small, inconspicuous and approved.

In addition to the allowed parking discs, there are a lot of variants without approval. A good example of this are automatically running models. These look at first glance like classic parking discs, but have a clockwork installed on the back. The user only has to move a small lever on arrival and the current time is stored. Actually very comfortable, but not allowed. Who uses such a model, can also omit the parking disc immediately. After all, some sellers point out that this is a joke article and that there is no approval for road traffic. Especially with small retailers or Ebay this hint is often missing.

Just as inadmissible are classic parking meters with missing traffic sign 314. For example, the funny pink parking disc with a curved P is not allowed. Who uses them risks a fine.

The selection of automatic parking discs with approval is very clear with just under a handful of providers. Currently approved models include manufacturers' devices Dostmann. Needit. Jacob Jensen and Achilles,

The models we tested were Park Micro and GoPark.

The design of the allowed models is very similar to the regulations. The parking discs have a 24-hour display on the front and a picture of the traffic sign 314. As long as the white P is present on a blue background, the housing color of the parking meter may differ. That's a good thing, because the models in black are much less noticeable than those in bright blue.

The operation of the parking discs is very simple: The devices are stuck from the inside on the windshield of the car. An integrated motion sensor registers whether the car is moving. If it stops, the time automatically changes to the next half hour and stops.

To control the prehistoric times have some models, such as the GOPARK from Dostmann, a second display on the back installed. To alert the user when the internal battery is exhausted, the parking disc will display a warning or start flashing. In practice, both the model GoPark and the more compact Needit Park Micro works reliably. Setting the time and attaching to the disc is uncomplicated with both parking meters. The user does not have to worry about any of the tested models in order to switch between summer and winter time. This works automatically thanks to the set date.

The model GoPark has a second display on the back.

The small and inconspicuous Park Micro we like a bit better because of the more compact dimensions. Incidentally, this is not glued directly to the glass, but uses a small holder. These are also available to buy separately, so that you can use the electronic parking disc with different vehicles.

With the larger GoPark there is the possibility to change the rounding at the parking time. That is theoretically practical: If in Germany half a hour rounding time, it is only 15 minutes in Austria. In practice, however, the function is largely meaningless, since the parking disc is currently only permitted in Germany and Denmark.

Needit Park Micro electronic parking disc blue

Needit Park Micro

Needit Park Mini electronic parking disc black

Needit Park Mini

Needit Park Lite electronic parking disc blue

Needit Park Lite

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Dostmann GoPark

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Achilles parking attendant

(No product image available)

Parking disc Jacob Jensen

Although the price of around 20 to 25 euros appears quite high for a parking disc, in terms of the ever-increasing number of privately monitored parking spaces and the imminent penalties, the costs put into perspective quickly.

Our Electronic Parking Disc Park Micro by Needit does a good job and has saved us even before one or the other nodule. We do not want to miss this handy gadget any more and we are glad that we no longer have to worry about the old cardboard disc.


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