Hackers' appetite blistered: Attention! your crypto coins are in danger

Caution! Hackers' appetite is blown: Your crypto money is in danger

The average crypto currency ransom events in 2019 have nearly doubled due to the increasing appetite of the Hackers

. Increased by 90%

While the crypto currency industry is slowly entering the puberty phase, Bitcoin remains a favorite of intruders Coinware, a company that helps small companies tackle tyranny, is the average daily bitcoin ransom rate of 2019 discovered that the first quarter increased by 90 percent.

Increases are increasing

Sudden increase is almost certainly due to the emergence of the Ryuk Ransom software specifically designed for large companies with low downtime. On average, the victims spend an astounding $ 286,557 to get files held by Ryuk

. An in-depth analysis of Ryuk associates the virus with HERMES operators or the famous North Korean group APT Lazarus .


The only option is crypto

Report, 98 percent of the attackers of the crypto currency reported that the format of the ransom software gave the founders more than $ 3.7 million. is the most preferred payment method with. Bitcoin Ransomware is the most popular crypto currency for payments. Bitcoin is the most common crypto currency, although the so-called unnamed bitcoin can be easily mixed or exchanged for other intimate money. For example, if the GandCrab virus accepts Dash as a payment and you want to pay a ransom with Bitcoin, you will have to pay an additional 10% to cover the cost of the transition stages.


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