Halo Infinite: Multiplayer becomes Free2Play

“Halo is for everyone,” says the official Halo Twitter account of 343 Industries, the developer of Halo. The multiplayer part of the Microsoft exclusive title for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and the PC will be free-to-play, further information will follow. Accordingly, the purchase of the game or a paid Gamepass membership is only required to play the campaign.

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Free-to-play titles, such as Fortnite, are usually financed through in-game microtransactions or advertising. InGame purchases are often items that only change the character’s appearance and rarely items that give an advantage in the game itself (pay-to-win). Further information, as announced in the tweet, could explain the earning opportunities in multiplayer of the developer studio belonging to Microsoft.

Another question raises the Xbox Live Gold membership that was previously required, without which it is not possible to participate in multiplayer games. The paid Xbox Live Gold membership includes regular access to selected free games in addition to multiplayer participation, but no use of the gamepass. The Xbox Gamepass Ultimate subscription automatically includes Gold membership in addition to access to the Gamepass games.

“Free-to-play halo multiplayer only makes sense if the Xbox Live Gold barrier at least falls for free games,” VentureBeat editor Jeffrey Grubb tweets and later explains that Xbox Live Gold will disappear and that multiplayer play will be free . Whether an Xbox Live Gold membership will no longer be a requirement for participation in all multiplayer games or only for free-to-play titles in the future could also be part of the further information announced.

Halo Infinite is one of the key games alongside Forza that has been announced for the upcoming Xbox Series X. But in advance there was criticism of the graphics of the sixth halo part. In an official statement, the developer explains that based on the findings from Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo Wars 2 and the feedback from the community in Halo Infinite, they chose a “rather classic art style”.

Halo: Infinite gameplay trailer

This leads to a livelier palette, cleaner models and objects with less noise, which means no less detail, they say in the opinion further. In many respects it was also agreed that there was still a lot to be done before the release in order to increase the quality.


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