Hand in Hand Support Movement from Mastercard and Needs Map

Covidien-19 outbreak in Turkey around people and businesses are suffering due. Mastercard and Needs Map decided to reach out to those affected with the Support Movement covering 20 provinces.

The measures taken as a compulsory since the early days of the epidemic, which has affected the local artisans most services around Turkey. Also due to the epidemic number of people in need Growing steadily.

Payment technology company Mastercard and one of Turkey’s most fundamental social responsibility platform Needs Map, Hand in Hand Support Movement is preparing to bring the needy people and local businesses together. Within the scope of this movement, which can be described as a kind of social marketplace, local businesses have met a new business model as of 27 November 2020.

With Hand in Hand Support Movement Platform, local tradesmen will meet digital:

hand-to-hand support gesture

Infrastructure works continue in 20 cities including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Adana, Mersin, Trabzon, Elazig and Denizli. The main goal of the project is to ensure the digitalization of local tradesmen and help those in need to meet their needs by contacting local tradesmen. In this way, the damage caused by the epidemic to individuals and small businesses on a micro-economic scale will be reduced. Also local shopkeepers will be digitalized and acquainted with e-commerce.

Mastercard Turkey General Manager Yigit Caglayan, “always as a company, anywhere in the digital economy, we carry out works to fulfill its mission of providing the processing for everyone. To provide resources for inclusive growth work order was founded in 2018 Mastercard Inclusive Growth Center COVID-19 support program within the scope of
needy individuals and local businesses amounting to £ 1.5 million in order to support a grant fund for the first time to distinguish a social cooperative in Turkey, “he said.

According to Çağlayan’s statements, within the scope of Hand in Hand Support Movement 7000 food and hygiene packages prepared. The costs of these packages will be covered by the stakeholders in the same region, and the packages will reach citizens who cannot meet their needs due to the epidemic.

Mert Fırat: Analyzes were made on each province basis

mert Fırat

Mert Fırat, one of the founders of Needs Map; “We have acted with the awareness that development can only be achieved with the active contribution of local artisans and small businesses, regardless of regional or urban economic resources. In order to transfer this fund to the right resources, quickly and effectively, to support local businesses in their recovery efforts, we will support real needy people and their supporters. on the social marketplace platform we brought together. Mastercard and Needs Map; “We created a system where needy people can meet their needs from local tradesmen, and for this project, we made analysis on each provincial basis to obtain accurate data.”