Hand Wash Against Corona Virus

World Health Organization's representative in Turkey, Pavel Ursu, Corona made statements about the virus. Ursu ​​said that washing hands is very important for virus protection.

World Health Organization Representative in Turkey Pavel UrsuEmerging in China and spreading all over the world Corona virus He said there are no effective treatment recommendations yet. Pointing out that the Corona virus is a public health problem, Ursu said, “Currently there are cases of death. We, WHO, call for public health measures" said.

That the cases should be taken to determine whether the measures stressed WHO Representative in Turkey Ursu, monitoring of cases in this process, preventing communication with other people and the need to make sure that samples of insulation measures, he added. "I want to indicate 99 percent of cases are now in the Chinese government. Only 1 percent is seen outside the Chinese governmentUrsu ​​said, nevertheless on an international level of all measures stressed that it should be taken.

pavel ursu

No Treatment Advice Now

A specific WHO treatment recommendations are not yet available indicating representative, “The spread potential of this virus is very high. Therefore, we envisage taking special measures and implementing special procedures. " said.

Frequent Hand Washing is Important

Stating that protection from corona virus is directly proportional to protection from respiratory diseases, Ursu said:Hand washing comes first in this area. Proper and frequent hand washing is very important in this process. It also brings together symptoms of respiratory diseases, cough and sneezing. This causes other people to become infected with the virus. To prevent spreading to other people; For example, doctors taking care of patients, nurses can take special precautions by wearing masks. In addition, we can offer different recommendations. For example, ensuring food safety and properly organizing the market. In fact, there are good sample practices regarding the proper organization of the market." said.


A Successful Drug in SARS and MERS Against Corona Virus Will Be Tried

Stating that the symptoms seen in the Corona virus are similar to the symptoms seen in respiratory diseases, Ursu said:We must closely observe how the recommendations in the process are implemented both in the Chinese government and around the world. We hope that this epidemic will be prevented before it reaches larger dimensions.He concluded by saying.

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