Hard rise in Bitcoin – What's next, what do the analysts say?

Bitcoin, number one crypto money, was struggling to break a $ 6850 resistance. Bitcoin, who tested this resistance a month ago but declined to 5800 on the 7th of July, tried to break it again on July 7.

Today, the leading crypto money approaching the resistance of 6850 is this time, .

Bitcoin is 11 percent valued while Bitcoin is valued at 11 percent, while Ethereum is 7 percent, while Bitcoin is at that level last June

Where is the new target?

Analyst Omkar Godbole, today announced that it has invested in CoinDesk

Cointelegraph analyst Rakesh Upadhyay also pointed to the level of 7900 as Godbole, when Bitcoin's overclocking is over $ 6838, according to UTC timeframe.


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