Harvard Shorts That Make It Easy to Walk and Run

New products continue to be added to the wearable technology market day by day. Developed by researchers from Harvard University, the new shorts are incredibly easy to walk and run, offering users a high level of comfort.

You may have dreamed of a technological product that will make your movement easier when you feel tired while walking or running. A group of researchers at Harvard University, starting from this point, developed a product that made it easier to walk and run. With this shorts you will feel about 5.5 kg lighter when you are on the move, you will benefit from many points from sports to business life.

Researchers who have published their research and development activities in Science magazine say that the legs of a person on the move work quite differently than normal with these shorts. This shorts, where the motors are placed on the upper part of the femur, help to strengthen the leg muscles thanks to the mechanism on it.

It is possible to go 8 km road with shorts:

The battery is supported by a range of approximately 8 km.

The research team measuring the amount of oxygen used in the studies conducted with real people running on the treadmill; They also observed that metabolic activities decreased by 9.3% during walking and 4% during running. These values ​​correspond to approximately 7.4 kg and 5.7 kg lightening respectively.


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In addition to daily use, the shorts, which are thought to be able to help people with disabilities, will also provide great convenience in rescue activities in harsh areas such as mountains. The shorts, developed in connection with the DARPA study, will ease the burden of soldiers carrying heavy equipment.