Haters gonna hate! iPhone Will Continue to Sell

While iPhone sales continued to create serious disappointment on the Apple front, interesting comments came from Apple CEO Tim Cook.

2018 was one of Apple's most difficult years with financial and iPhone sales.

While Apple was talking about how to limit iPhone production in the new era and take serious economic measures, Tim Cook gave confident comments on the subject. 19659003]

Here's Cook's words:

"I've heard these words over and over again from all those who opposed the whole thing. I heard it in 2001. I heard it in 2005. I heard it in 7, 8, 10, 12, and 13. I continue to hear the same comments of the same people over and over again I've never been surprised about the sales in order to be honest. Sales are always emotional in the short term. Our product network and ecosystem has never been so strong. There is nothing to worry about. "

Cook is finally a conclusion to the problems between China and the US


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