Having a left is not related to the brain

Numerous scientific theories have been put forward for decades about why some people are left-winged, but the source of this difference has never been clearly explained. A study launched last year revealed that the right or left handed state had no relation to the brain.

Left-handed people were subjected to various tyrannies in several ancient societies that ruled in some periods of history. It has been seen how today's biggest problem is racism, and that in a while, left-wing people are being misled by their belief that they have evil forces. There are still some superstitious beliefs, such as "eating left-handedly" among the public.

For many years, many scientific theories have been put forward as the pregnant mothers are under intense stress and their children are left-winged. Research done since the 1980s suggests that our right or left handedness situation is obvious before we are born. Ultrasound scans indicate that this is understandable at 8 weeks of gestation.

Prior to this data, it was reported that genetic differences between the right or left lobes of the brain affected the development of hand use. According to a recent study done last year, lefty is not about the brain but about the spinal cord.

All right, why are so few left-handed people?

This is actually one of the most confusing questions about this situation. Left-handed people make up 10% of the world's population. The evaluations of those who have been cursed for a time, now that they are more intelligent. Research conducted at Nortwestern University in 2012 attributed the increase in the number of left-wing people to an increase in the culture of business associations and rivalry among people. Even a mathematical formula was developed on this view.

Although genetic factors were found at the base of right or left hand use, the proportion of the proportional difference between the two tried to be explained by social relations by scientists. The same social relations were also crucial for communication models that people developed in the evolutionary process. In an active social environment, development continued in this direction as people are prone to use their right hand. In other words, our evolution has been based on using the right elimination, leaving the left elimination more passive.


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Left-handed people need to be conditioned on using their left hand, although they need to use their genetically right hand. In addition, recent research has limited the influence of genes on hand use to 25%.

There is still no clear explanation as to why the use of the right hand is so widespread. It is still difficult to tell whether a baby will use his right or left hand precisely after birth. It is also said that the training for using both hands effectively has contributed significantly to the development of children.