Health Minister Announces Who Will Be Vaccinated In The First Process

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca explained how the vaccination process will take place after the scientific committee meeting. According to the statements of Minister Koca, in the first process, the elderly and disabled people with the age of 65 will be vaccinated.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca spoke after the scientific board meeting held late yesterday. Explaining how the vaccination will go through after the scientific committee meeting where the Covid-19 vaccination process was discussed, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said that the vaccination will be carried out in four stages. The statements of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca are as follows:

Statement from Health Minister Fahrettin Koca about the COVID-19 vaccination process:

Fahrettin Koca, vaccine studies description

“We made the first part of the vaccine contract in Turkey From December 11 expected to arrive later. We have signed a contract for the supply of an inactive virus vaccine. We are also in talks for an mRNA vaccine. Vaccination studies are planned to be carried out in four vaccinations.

First stage health workers, those over 65, the elderly, the disabled, those staying in protection houses and those living in crowded places will be vaccinated.

Second stage Those who work in critical jobs in the sectors necessary for the functioning of the society, those who are 50 years and older with at least 1 chronic disease will be vaccinated.

Third stage It includes those with at least 1 chronic disease under the age of 50, young adults, industry and professional workers not included in the first group.

Fourth and in the last stage All individuals other than the first three groups will be vaccinated. “

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca’s press statement on Twitter from here you can reach.

To be checked first when vaccines arrive

Continuing his statements about the vaccines planned to arrive after December 11, Minister Koca said, “When vaccines arrive, firstly, examinations applied to all vaccines imported to our country by Public Health and TITCH laboratories will be made. If COVID-19 vaccines are found to be in line with our country’s standards, early use will be given, and implementation will begin after this stage.” said.


Details on Turkey’s first Coronavirus Vaccine Agreement Had certain: Dates Announced

In case the progress of all the positive developments in Turkey’s vaccine study in the early period Saying that it will be one of the countries that started, Minister Koca summed up the course of the process in this way.

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