Hearthstone Game Designer Reynad Designs His Own Card Game

Andrey "Reynad", who has reached a considerable fan base with Blizzard's card game Hearthstone publications, began designing his own card game.

Andrey "Reynad" who fascinated everything in the Twitch publications that he opened while playing Hearthstone. As the CEO and founder of the site, he achieved great success. However, in recent times Reynad is not broadcasting like the old man and does not share cards.


            Hearthstone's Father Leaves Brode Blizzard

Because the famous actor recently moved away from Hearthstone and began to design his own card game. In fact, Reynad is not a stranger to game card designs. Because a few game cards he had designed previously were added to Hearthstone by Blizzard. But creating a game from scratch is a completely different dimension.

The famous actor who started collecting donations for his own design with the above video draws attention with his very ambitious attitude.

Referring to the fact that he works with the best game designers for The Bazaar named game and visits the world to get ideas, Reynad will continue to develop his childhood dream game. Although it is very new, the basic mechanics of the game and the design of 100 cards have been completed. We will all see together what will happen in the coming period.