Hearts of Iron IV Turkey and Ataturk’s Coming

The update that adds Ataturk to the new leader to be added to the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV, which has a large fan base, has been announced. Ataturk, the game will be the most powerful leaders in comments explaining Turkey’s gameplay is also quite to vary.

Hearts of Iron The series and other games it is linked to offer a quite different strategy experience. In the series, which even includes 2-3 thousand people living in tents on the Caspian coast in 1300 and is quite detailed, the 20th century Hearts of Iron IVWe were living in.

With the upcoming update to the game, an effective leader to be added: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. “Father of the Turks / Father of the TurksThe leader who will take place in the game with the title strongest leader it will be.

Atatürk will be the strongest leader of HoI IV

ataturk hoi iv

With the upcoming update Turkey will be selectable in the scenarios of the 1930s and 1940s. The founder of our country, together with Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, which added to the game. Comments on Twitch streams, Of Ataturk that he will be the strongest leader.

Atatürk, as a leader in the country will increase stability by 30%. In addition, the military command and political advisor expenses Will reduce 30%. Economic laws and military laws are also 25% cheaper it will be. The only disadvantage is that in 1939 the leader is out of the game.

Other Turkish leaders to take part in the game are Ismet Inonu, Celal Bayar, Sefik Hosni and Fevzi Çakmak it will be. These names represent the views of Turkey also seems to make more active than the previous game.

Battle for the Bosporus is coming

hearts of iron iv

Additional package name Battle for the Bosporus In other words, there will be a War for the Bosphorus. Bulgaria and Greece Countries like this will take their place in the game with this package. Thus, it will be possible to control these countries in different scenarios in the game.

In the new additional package Turkey There will be music on the subject, new models of the Balkan and Turkish armies, and voices of new countries. update On October 15 will be released.

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