heise + live from 5 p.m .: We answer your questions about crypto mining

High rates for Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies arouse interest in making money while you sleep. The PC – primarily the graphics card – works and the yield ends up in the wallet. What sounds like little effort, however, requires careful planning in advance. We want to discuss with you and you live what needs to be taken into account – and answer questions directly.

Because in addition to the optimal hardware, it is also important to find the right storage location. Quite a few have stored their Bitcoins in wallets, to which they no longer have access thanks to lost access data. So why not turn a Raspberry Pi into a wallet? But it also needs to be clarified which cryptocurrency is worth mining for. One point of contact is the guide for mining ether. If you don’t want to collect your earnings in the end, but rather spend it, you may soon be able to pay with Ether and Bitcoin on the Internet.

Crypto money is worth more than ever. Everything you need to know about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co.

Exactly the right topic for our heise + live format: We answer your questions about our specialist articles about crypto mining at heise + and look forward to your experiences and suggestions.

This time there are Alexander Spier (@MutantHappy), Mark Mantel, Martin Fischer (@martin_fischer) and Patrick Bellmer (@p_bellmer), who dealt with the technical aspects and everyday use.

You can ask your questions for the crypto mining AMA directly in the chat during the live broadcast. We also take up questions from the forum when time allows. In order to maintain an overview, please put it here under the message.

Do you like the format and want more of it? Does the time fit or would a different one be better? Feedback on our livestream is welcome under the video or here in the forum. We look forward to your opinion.


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