Here Are Some Products On Sale

Netflix has established an e-commerce platform with products specially designed for the productions on the platform. The platform, called, has a small number of products for now. However, Netflix states that its product range will expand in the future.

It has succeeded in completely changing the television watching habits of consumers. Netflixannounced that it has entered a brand new industry. According to the information on the official website of the platform, Netflix is ​​now a with e-commerce platform. Users are inspired by the most popular productions on Netflix through this e-commerce platform. to clothing products and accessories.

According to the statements made by Netflix, on the company’s e-commerce platform, only special series products will be included. In addition, the products on this platform will be the products of world-famous clothing brands and famous designers working for them. Netflix, although the number of products on the platform is limited for now, in the future. expanding the product range it states.

Here are some products on Netflix’s e-commerce platform

When we look at the products on, we look at the popular anime series of the platform. Yasuke and Eden with LupinWe see that specific products have been launched to the market. However, the company says that it will not be content with only these productions, and that more Netflix content-specific products will be released in the future. In this context Stranger Things with The Witcher Designed by Japanese fashion house BEAMS with licensed products Products with the Netflix logo It is also stated that it will be presented to the taste of consumers.

When we look at the prices of some products on Netflix’s e-commerce platform, we see that they are seriously there may be differences We see. For example, a white t-shirt with the Yasuke logo on it can be found on this platform. $ 30 can be purchased. A t-shirt designed by BEAMS with “Eden” on it sells for $45. Again, a Yasuke themed necklace. $ 95 You can buy it in return.

If you too, the e-commerce platform offered by Netflix Reaching and if you want to review the products on sale, here You can use the link.


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