Here are the best 6 Blockchain professions of your future!

The use of Blockchain is growing and businesses need talented professionals to gain competitive advantage. Industry companies including finance, manufacturing and health services; developing Blockchain technology is exploring the potential for creating commercial advantages such as reduced operational costs, faster processing and safer records. Here are some of the best Blockchain professions of the future.

Here are the top 6 Blockchain jobs

About 1,500 Blockchain startup companies are now looking for staff to work with a number of companies such as IBM and Microsoft in Blockchain. According to's report, as the market continues to grow, more profitable career options will emerge for talented people with Blockchain skills. According to the report, the best 6 Blockchain professions in the future are:

1. Blockchain project manager

Companies are interested in developing Blockchain solutions and will therefore need to forward their needs to a Blockchain development company. Project managers will have to manage and facilitate these projects, especially as more customers buy. The project manager will be responsible for translating the company's needs into technical language and translating the needs of Blockchain developers into plain English. They will also be in charge of planning and supervising the execution of the Blockchain project.

2. Blockchain developer

Raporda, Blockchain developer is said to be the strongest career opportunity in the sector. Developers need to build the necessary platforms and programs before companies use Blockchain to increase and accelerate productivity. The skills required for Raporda Blockchain developers include: Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET, MVC, AJAX, SQL, C ++, C #, Javascript, Node.js, JQuery, SOAP, REST, FTP, HTML, XML, XSLT, XCOD, Neural Networks, Regression

 Here are the top 6 Blockchain professions of your future!
Here are the best 6 Blockchain professions of your future!

3. Blockchain quality engineer

A Blockchain quality engineer is responsible for all quality areas in the development environment, including automation frameworks and tests, manual tests and dashboards. This profession is typically responsible for the planning and delivery of complex Blockchain projects, while developing, implementing and maintaining QA automated testing standards.

4. Blockchain lawyer / attorney

Many lawyers working in technology report that when they launch Blockchain and FinTech projects, they are receiving more calls than potential customers have in terms of how they are created and managed, as well as the problems they face. The need for legal professionals to guide these projects will grow as technology matures.

5. Blockchain designer

Companies will need designers to create websites that tell their customers what they are offering in the Blockchain field. For example; Sketch, PS and Figma, which will work on both mobile and web applications, job announcement for a UI designer who can create UI design. These professionals should also have excellent communication skills and be able to work with content, operations and marketing teams.

6. Blockchain engineer

Raporda says there are 14 open jobs for each Blockchain developer or engineer this year. These professionals will be responsible for creating and implementing digital solutions for companies using Blockchain. Engineers should investigate their company's Blockchain technology needs and create applications that meet these needs. In the report;