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We can say that Ethereum is a leader in smart contracts. The Ethereum community and the project faced many security challenges in the near future and suffered even at one point from the intensity in Blockchain. In the past days, finding a security penalty in 34 thousand intelligent conventions almost caused serious problems for Ethereum. But Ethereum was superior to all of them and continued to lead.

Here are the projects that Ethereum might be a rival

At the moment, in the crypto money world, Ethereum has important projects to take the anger that it has launched on behalf of smart contracts forward. Let's look at these projects.

Zilliqa (ZIL) project

Zilliqa (ZIL) is one of the projects that use smart contracts. Zilliqa also offered a sorting proposal for the compression of Crypto-Kitty. Sharding divides the mine net to ensure parallel operation of the operation. As the network grows, the number of transactions increases. ZIL has recently gained a good momentum and traded at $ 0.038 a month ago, but at the time of writing it rose 326% and trades at $ 0.138.

EOS project

EOS is a market-focused platform with smart contracts. The EOS will broadcast its main network in early June. Market values ​​took the 5th place in the past weeks. With the release of the main network, EOS followers expect the price to reach higher values.

NEO project

NEO is the third project to shake the dominance of Ethereum. One advantage of NEO is that developers do not have to learn a new programming language. Developers can develop the project in C #, Java, or other major programming languages. The NEO price was $ 192 on Jan. 15, but it was $ 60.8 at the time of writing. NEO is recently drawing attention to NNS development.

IOStoken (IOST) project

The least known name of the list is IOStoken (IOST). An important feature of the IOST is that it can work both on the mobile device with low weighted programming as well as on the sharing of smart contracts like Zilliqa. This also means that IOST is a competitor of IOTA. IOST is now trading at less than 10 cents

Ethereum's intelligent competitors will pass it

Ethereum is a pioneering and respected platform for smart contracts. However, rival projects in the world of crypto money are growing and developing more and more every day. Of course, it's early to say something, only time can affect us on the market of these projects.

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