Here is the crypto money that offers the best investment opportunity according to the research results

There is considerable debate about which digital currency is the best investment today when it comes to crypto currency investments.

Ethereum was the crypto money that offered the best investment opportunity

However, the US law firm Foley & According to Lardner's new estimates, a group of investors believe that Ethereum is the best investment in cryptographic currencies such as Bitcoin, Dash and Monero.

Foley & Lardner brought together investors and company managers on cryptographic trends. Among the questions they asked was what digital money was the best investment opportunity. Ethereum was the most popular answer given to this question among the participants. It included questions about research, regulations, investments, ICOs, and market volume with professionals, most of whom were investors or company managers.

Ethereum is followed by Bitcoin

38% of those surveyed said they believe Ethereum is a better investment . Thirty-five percent of respondents prefer Bitcoin as their best investment.


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