Here's the $ 150 million investment giant's crypto money portfolio

An up-to-date list of crypto-money projects invested by Placeholder, an investment company with $ 150 million under management.

Placeholder is an venture capital firm founded by Chris Burniske and Joel Monegro in 2017.

According to the news in The Block, there are 14 different protocols and initiatives associated with crypto-money and Blockchain technologies in the $ 150 million publicly traded portfolio of the company.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decred, Zcash, 0x and Maker are remarkable. Other projects that the company invests in are CacheCash, Erasure, Filecoin, FOAM, Aragon, UMA, Open Source Coin and ZeppelinOS.

The complete list of the company's portfolio, divided by the areas of focus, is as follows:

Data: CacheCash, Erasure, Filecoin, FOAM

Centerless finance: 0x, Maker, UMA

Governance: Aragon, Open Source Coin

Centerless application platform: Ethereum, ZeppelinOS

Crypto para: Bitcoin, Decred, Zcash

On the other hand Burniske, one of the founders of the company, emerged with an ambitious foresight. Burniske, Bitcoin'ın will reach $ 1 trillion during the next bull race, he suggested. A single Bitcoin will exceed $ 50,000 if this forecast is made

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