Hidden Bitcoin mining activities cost this company bad!

A Chinese firm, Huatie's subsidiary, sold about 10 percent of its initial value after losses stemming from the $ 23 million suspicious hidden Bitcoin and crypto currency mining activities.

Huatie , hidden Bitcoin mining

China crypto According to the media news channel 8BTC, Huatie HengAn, a Huatie subsidiary, was sold for $ 2 million. Reports show that the value of the company has fallen by about 90 percent from an initial valuation of $ 25 million in a one-year field. Huatie HengAn originally reported that a construction company purchased 36,500 pieces of equipment. In December 2018, Huatie's year-end financial report showed a loss of $ 14 million for its subsidiary. As of February 2018, the total net loss was $ 23 million.

If Huatie HengAn were really involved in currency mining crypto it would be the newest of a growing business listing affected by the 2018 month market. Throughout the year, all of the crypto currencies have fallen more than 80 percent on average across the market

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