High School Students Resolve the Mystery of the Strangest Star!

Tabby's Star, a phenomenon known to anyone who is interested in astronomy, is one of the most mysterious constructions of the Milky Way Galaxy. There are even strange features to think that it was built by a foreign life form.

We know that stars do not always shine the same and in the same way throughout their lives. This mystery, which has worked scientists for years, is illuminated by a high school student. Their lights come from the power of the nuclei in the centers that emit radioactive signals. These signals, which reach the Earth, turn into discovery in observatories where very sensitive measuring mechanisms exist. A celestial object called Tabby's Star is confusing the mind of the scientific community since it was discovered.

Tabby's Star, which is constantly blinking, behaves quite differently than standard stars. It is not unusual for a star to change the light intensity, as if someone is sitting at the command center.

Among the hundreds of thousands of stars listed to date, what might be the strangest thing about Tabby's Star?

Yao Yin and Alejandro Wilcox are two students and two friends studying at The Thatcher High in the US state of California. Their astronomy curiosity has not only made them aware of Tabby's mystery, but also helped them to work. Instructor at the beginning Dr. The young people who used the observatory of a boarding school with Jonathan Swift watched the abnormal light changes in Tabby's Star.

According to the youth, there is only one reason for the change of light in the star: dust.

According to their research, the masses of dust particles, which differ in terms of size in the distance, may be forming a curtain between us and Tabby's Star. The fact that the light from the star went down by 4% and 5% in the months we passed, has triggered their discovery.

In fact, this is an event that resembles the Sun or the Moon. In the end, the mass of dust or other celestial bodies that will come in between the light source and the Earth will also affect the amount of light reaching. These estimates prove how relevant they are to the astronomical scene. Indeed, they are so small that they did not dominate the results of research conducted by NASA's Kepler Observatory a few years ago. Because only a few years ago, NASA had detected light reductions in Tabby's Star from 22% to 15%. This was the first and most important verdict that made the star a phenomenon.

Subsequent conspiracy theories that Tabby's Star was an alien structure began to spread on the internet.

Of course, the folks at the high school are depriving them of some facts known until they reach this conclusion. Thus, young people reach out to one of the theories they write and write on their scientists with their own studies.