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Although the consumers craving for practical solutions does not mean they are willing to compromise on other areas such as food quality or freshness. But on the contrary. This was in a recent Analysis of Retail Economics with the consulting firm’s CEO pointing out the impact of the pandemic on buying habits: “Consumer behavior is evolving at a terrifying pace and the biggest challenge for retailers is meeting, if not meeting, customer expectations surpass. ”

Fulfilling market requirements with an overall system approach

A total systems approach for food packaging can help online grocery businesses meet growing market demands. Together, these comprehensive and coordinated packaging systems ensure that buyers receive food in a safe, attractive and edible condition. This not only increases consumer trust and brand loyalty, but also the chance of recommending products and online providers to other buyers.

Primary and secondary packaging must work together if the overarching goal of maintaining food quality and safety during storage, handling and transport is to be achieved. At the same time, they must also perform in other crucial areas. They are designed to maximize sustainability and reduce waste, improve the unpacking experience, share information and brand stories and optimize the available transport space so that more groceries can be shipped per square meter.

Packaging systems with insulation protection

To be successful in all of these areas can be even more complex when selling fresh and frozen foods such as meat and fish or hot meals. The secondary part of the packaging system must also provide insulation protection in such cases. This helps maintain temperatures to protect food from spoilage, but it can also affect other packaging system performance. For example, the optimal packaging is negatively affected by large and bulky insulating materials or boxes, which makes transport more expensive for processors and retailers and increases the CO2 impact.

Optimal combination of packaging systems

So that food producers and e-wholesalers Manage the complexities of creating a holistic e-commerce packaging solution for groceries, Sealed Air offers a unique total packaging system. This approach led to the development of comprehensive and mutually complementary systems using solutions such as CRYOVAC’s vacuum primary packaging and Sealed Air’s TempGuard thermal insulation.

One seals the freshness while the other maintains the right temperature during transport. Both of these factors combine to ensure that food reaches consumers in first-class condition. This approach helps food manufacturers and retailers overcome the challenges of implementing different types of packaging that do not necessarily harmonize with one another.

In a survey by Kantar Retail Research For Sealed Air, 76 percent of consumers say that packaging positively influences their perception of retailers. 70 percent say they probably wouldn’t buy from the same company again if they had a negative delivery experience. Increasing competition tends to offer consumers more choice and market power. In this market environment, buyers will be satisfied with nothing less than a perfect experience and will see no reason to compromise on their different requirements, be it food quality, safety, convenience, sustainability or brand experience.

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