Home office law: Heil wants to prevent “dissolving the boundaries of work”

Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) defended the planned home office law. “Companies want their employees to be flexible. In return, companies also have to be flexible. We will not ask employers to do the impossible.”said Heil the newspapers of the Madsack publishing company. The President of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA), Ingo Kramer, had the plans as “sheer nonsense” designated.

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In Kramer’s view, the right to work from home is nonsensical because many people cannot work from home. Heil replied: “It’s about enabling home office wherever possible. The baker will not be able to work from home in the future either.” According to Kramer, the legal right to work from home could lead to “that companies outsource activities such as accounting and transfer them to service providers”. Because an employer has to have his company “Being able to organize in a way that serves the entire company with its interlinked processes – and not just how it serves the individual employee”.

The Minister of Labor announced his legislative plans at the beginning of March this year. When asked why the bill is still a long time coming, Heil replied: “The corona pandemic is an unplanned large-scale attempt to work from home – with positive and negative experiences. We will take all of this into account.” The draft should therefore be presented in the autumn.

According to Heil, the comprehensive set of rules for home office and mobile working should give employees new freedoms, but they too “before a complete dissolution of boundaries from work to private life” protect.

According to a survey from April 2020, every third employee switched to the home office during the corona pandemic. In the first half of April, 35 percent of those surveyed stated that they worked partly or completely from home. The unplanned intensive use of the home office as a workplace can result in health problems.

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