Honey Bees Select Queen's Bees With A Special Technique

The benefits of honey to nature and the added value of breakfast are undoubtedly unquestionable. But research by scientists has revealed a striking truth about honey bees. Accordingly, when honey bees need a new queen bee, they move with a special coding system, not random.

Honeys always need a queen bee to build their nest. However, there are occasions when these queen bees rarely die. What happens when a queen bee dies in a beekeeping column? After that it is quite interesting and astonishing. According to a research done by scientists, when the queen bee dies, a few queen bees from the family with fewer individuals, known as "Emergency queen", are commissioned.

According to the study of 85 emergency queen of 92 labor bears and 6 different colonies, it is believed that this "royal family" is a member of the royal family they can identify families and distinguish them from other workers' bee families and create new queens. While the number of families per colony in the study ranged from 34 to 77, these figures were far above the previous estimates.

How the "labeling" system, which distinguishes these lucky ladies from their hive friends, is not yet resolved. Because, in the life of the bears, the royal family is chosen, and instead of rewarding the family members of theirs, choosing the bees belonging to a particular cell disables some kind of possible "selfish gene" approach. Thus, specially coded family members are entitled to become queen on the basis of moving from individual interests to the welfare of the colon.


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Even though we know from previous research that honeys have mated the queen's genetic diversity with a large number of migratory bees to carry it to other colonies, this new study reveals that the innumerable beings around the queen's bees are simply the emergency queen of the chosen ones