Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Released

The gameplay video of Horizon Zero Dawn’s sequel Horizon Forbidden West, one of the most popular productions of PlayStation consoles, has been released. The approximately 15 minutes long video gives us a brief glimpse of the game.

Action role-playing game released exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 4 game console in 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn, attracted great attention from the players in a short time and its success was not limited to PlayStation alone. The production, which managed to win the hearts of the gamers, was first released as a PS Special game, but it was later released for PC thanks to the success it achieved.

After the game achieved great success on the PC platform, the eyes are second turned into a game. Sony, which has not shared many details on the subject so far, organized State of Play event, which can be considered quite longer than the new game. gameplay video shared.

Introducing Horizon Forbidden West:

About 15 minutes our protagonist in the gameplay video Aloy We embark on a journey in a post-apocalyptic world and take a brief glimpse of the game. The video contains many different details from the game’s fighting mechanics to underwater scenes. Of course, the graphics are at a very high level and PlayStation 5’in It should also be stated that he will give his due.

A sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn Horizon Forbidden West’in It is expected to be one of Sony’s biggest games this year. Although the game is ideal for PlayStation 5 with its high-end graphics and gameplay mechanics, it is also PlayStation 4 iIt will debut in China. However, it is difficult to say how the PS4 will offer performance in terms of performance.


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What is known about Horizon Forbidden West is limited for now. Developer firm Guerilla Games, in a statement made last year In 2021 He said it would be released. No clear release date is given if tonight’s event, but very soon of new updates it was said to be shared.

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