How Automobile Manufacturers Started 2019?

While some firms started well in 2019, for some, the situation was not so good. Tesla arrives at the beginning of the well-starting company, while Nissan is one of the worst starters.

Major automobile manufacturers have gradually started to manufacture electric cars. Tesla, who can be called the leader of electric vehicles, started a strong year. Tesla also boldly invested in serial production.


            Tesla Disappoints Wall Street with Model 3 Unmatched Expectations

According to Bloomberg news, Tesla, which is much better than last year, seems very hopeful in 2019. Doubling sales figures is also among its targets. This may have affected the fact that the sales of sedan vehicles in the United States are normally low. Against the accusations, there is a mistake in the middle of the boss trying to prove his innocence. He says that he and his family have not been treated well in Japan.

New boss is coming to Infiniti. Nissan's boss in America is getting ready to be the boss of Infiniti. The old boss is preparing to quit the mission by saying he needs to go after the new opportunities. Let's see what the new boss will offer us about Infiniti

When we come to the Jaguar and Land Rover front, this team needs to make some more money. Events related to diesel engines, low sales figures in the Chinese market and events such as Brexit uncertainty have significantly reduced the company's revenue.


            Ford to Demonstrate "Communicable" Tools at CES 2019

On the Ford front, technology investments continue. Bloomberg'e their statements until 2022 in all our vehicles, cellular data and all the technologies required by the age was said to be said. The technologies required by the age will be the means of communication of vehicles with the environment and autonomous driving technologies.