How Can We Understand That We Have Coronavirus?

Is it possible to find out if you are caught in the coronavirus even if there are no symptoms? Professor Dr. According to Aynur Eren Toppaya’s statement, it is necessary to have an antibody test to find out.

Bringing life to a standstill since March in our country coronavirus pandemic Although the danger continues, many places started to open up and people started to socialize outside. As such, many people began to wonder if he was caught in the coronavirus without realizing it. So, is there a way to know if you have ever had a coronavirus, even if you have no symptoms?

Medical Microbiology Specialist Dr. According to the statement by Aynur Eren Toppaya, it is possible to learn that a person is caught with coronavirus, even though they do not show any symptoms. For this, it is necessary to have an antibody test. Since the data announced by the Ministry of Health show symptoms Covidien-19 people who have the test and are found to be ill, but people who do not show symptoms are thought to be much more than those who show symptoms.

How to determine if someone who has no symptoms is caught in the coronavirus?

In general, young people who do not have chronic conditions such as heart, diabetes, hypertension and young people may not show symptoms even if they carry the COVID-19 virus. In fact, our body creates antibodies against this virus, even though there are no symptoms. These antibodies, known as the immunoglobulin protein, are produced in our body as a defense mechanism to fight COVID-19. Antibody In tests, the IgG, IgA, IgM of these immunoglobulins are analyzed.

If antibodies are found in the blood of people, it can be understood that he had an infection. Our body is usually used to fight coronavirus. IgA and IgM It forms its antibodies. It is determined that if the IgG antibodies in the test are seen as positive, they are infected with COVID-19 infection.


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For this reason, even if we do not show any signs of coronavirus, we should consider ourselves as a potential carrier of COVID-19 and take care to wear a mask when we go out. Otherwise, even if we do not harm ourselves, we can deliver the virus to people who will harm it.

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