How did HTC come in today?

How has HTC, the company that produced the world's first Android smartphone and once the most popular smartphone brand, become one of the least preferred global brands in the world?

Today, with Sony, 'the world's least preferred global smart did you ever wonder how HTC, who competed for the title of 'phone manufacturer', how to get started on the smartphone journey, how it came to the position it is today? Celebrating its 20th year anniversary, HTC was founded in Taiwan in 1997 under the name of 'High Tech Computer Corporation'. It was not long before the company moved to mobile computers, and then to smartphones.

HTC's first smart phone to go on the market was HTC Blue Angel. The device officially introduced in 2004 was working with Windows Mobile 2003, which can be said to be the right choice since iOS or Android was not available at the time. Having a processor with a single core 400MHz frequency, Blue Angel has 128MB of RAM and has modest features compared to today's smartphones. Nevertheless, do not underestimate Blue Angel because it was one of those rare phones that Angry Bird could play in 2005.


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The customizations HTC makes in the user interface of the Windows Mobile operating system have made HTC smartphones much more user friendly. In 2007, the TouchFLO interface was introduced to the HTC Touch and enjoyed by users. The HTC Touch, with its 2.8-inch HVGA touchscreen, sold 2 million units a year after it was introduced to the market thanks to TouchFLO, which is not a great device but offers a very good user interface according to the terms of the day

However HTC was not only producing for itself. He continued to produce hardware for other large companies. Such that; The first model of Xperia, Sony's smart phone brand, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 was designed and built by HTC itself. Together with the Xperia X1, the same year the T-Mobile G1, or HTC Dream, was introduced to the market. The HTC Dream, the first smartphone with an Android operating system, looked quite different from today's smartphones by its QWERTY keyboard and overall structure.


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Although HTC introduced the first smartphone with an Android operating system, it was not easy to break from the Windows Mobile operating system. Introduced in 2009, the HTC HD2 is the best smartphone ever introduced with the Windows Mobile operating system. However, in 2010 HTC Desire, which comes with the Android operating system, has brought the smartphone experience to a whole new level with the new HTC Sense interface. HTC has already begun to produce official Nexus smartphones from Google, while it continues to ramp up with its own smartphones.

HTC's output and its descent were also due to Beats. With the HTC One X model, HTC, which presented expensive and luxurious Beats headphones to those who bought the flagship, lost value over time and the Beats were not enough. In 2011, the company bought 50.1% of Beats's assets for $ 300 million, and after half a year, the company sold back to Beats two years later. In the coming period, Apple's acquisition of Beats for $ 3.2 billion caused HTC to miss the error. Even worse is now the leader of smartphone industry Samsung


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HTC EVO 3D was put on the market with the claim that it could capture three-dimensional video similar to Hollywood's 3D movies. The company also plans to produce Facebook-branded smartphones. However, the use of popular brands or technologies could not help HTC return to its former glory days. HTC One received the 'Best New Mobile Device' award at MWC 2013. However, this award was not found by the consumers. HTC claims to be able to take great photos in low light conditions with its 4MP UltraPixel camera.

The fact that HTC is producing smartphones for Google, along with HTC Vive, introduced in 2016, created a serious revenue port for the company and prevented HTC from being demolished. Also, Google's acquisition of Pixel's production department for Pixel for $ 1.1 billion for Pixel production has enabled HTC to be materially relieved for a short time. Yet HTC, which we mentioned at the beginning of the article, is one of the most unsuccessful global smartphone makers. However, the company has the potential to return to its old days with the right preferences and improvements.