How Did Whales Become the Greatest Live in the World?

How could the largest living species of whales be 10,000 times larger than their land-based ancestors?

Fillers, mammoths and even dinosaurs can not pour water into the hands of whales. But these terrible giant creatures have always lived in the seas. Meet the first whale Pakicetus who lived on land for millions of years.


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It was not possible for us to find whales in the oceans about 50 million years ago and we had to look for them on land. Although the world's life has dragged millions of living creatures from the ocean into the land, the whales have taken all this effort and threw it on the edge. Some of the whales that live in the ocean still have hind leg bones thanks to Pakicetus with their legs

. The size of the whales, which proliferated rapidly for 37 million years, did not grow the same fast. Thanks to the glacial age of 3 million years ago, the oceans brought planets and crests to the whale.


The whale was waiting for it to grow, it was a buffet and served as an open buffet, reaching sizes ranging from 18 meters to 30 meters.
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The largest of these incredible creatures, the Blue Whale is heavier than the passenger planes and allows the Pluto to travel to the Sun at least 2 times by joining the blood vessel network. When they open their mouths, they swallow up a roomful of water and may take up to 10 seconds to close. We live with the greatest living beings in the world, and we are lucky that they only feed on plankton.