How do the chicks in the egg breathe?

We humans receive oxygen with the belly button in the womb, afterwards we continue to live by breathing from the mouth and nose of our growth and development. How do the chicks in the egg get oxygen?

The chicks in the eggs live in eggs for about 21 days apart from their mothers. At this point, if you listened to the chicks that did not come out of the egg, you would feel that you hit the shell rhythmically. After these strokes, the crust is punctured and the young chick begins to take his first breath.

When we were in the womb, we could breathe from the outside thanks to our umbilical cord, but the chicks lived in the egg completely independently. If you look at it, the egg seems to be a functioning, self-sufficient system. So much so that whites and whites may contain many nutrients that we need separately.


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When you grow an egg shell thousands of times, you can see the calcium and carbonate crystals that make up the shell. Here, there are tiny holes and the air enters through these holes and reaches the young civic. However, since the chicks are still developing, their lungs have not developed and the air first reaches the chick after the blood circulation. The chick growing at this point also rises from carbon dioxide. In this way the chick who develops the oxygen field ultimately breaks the skin and opens the eyes of life. In addition to all of these, you can also watch what I have told you in the video above.