How do we add a different image to Google Background?

Many of the work or private life spends time at the computer. If you're bored with the usual Google backgrounds at this point, we'll have a few recommendations for you.

Google almost assumes the task of building an internet building for us. The background of this magazine we apply every step of the way is basically white. However, if you have been bored with this white screen for many years, you may prefer a different background that will open your eyes. Today we'll talk about 3 steps that you can change Google's backdrop.

1. Settings

First open your Chrome browser and click on the Settings tab. On the page that meets you, you will see the Theme option. You can access the Chrome Web Store by clicking this split.

2. Chrome Web Store

If you've already passed the initial steps, then you are in the Chrome Web Store. You can look at the theme in many different patterns and designs by choosing Themes from the Themes panel in the upper left Extensions. The images on the screen are a small preview of the image you'll see on your Google backdrop.

The page with the most votes is shown on the page first. However, you can also browse through different themes by clicking on the View Top button at the top right. You will find a theme that appeals to you, from among the different categories of options. Then click on an eye-catching theme and click on the theme image.

3. Add the theme to Chrome

The most important thing to note at this stage is whether the theme is suitable for your device. You can learn this information by looking at the Overview of the theme you click on. Everything went well until now and your theme device is compatible too. You can have a theme by clicking on the Add to Chrome button at the top right of the page. After controlling the theme, your device will be downloaded and integrated with Google without any intervention.

What if you do not like the theme you downloaded? Things may not have developed as you would expect. If you are not satisfied with the theme you downloaded, click on the Settings tab again and say Reset Defaults on the Theme tab. Otherwise, the Undo button will appear at the top of the page. This button can also clear the theme by seeing your job.


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You can make a background of a special photo instead of the existing ones. This may be a picture of nature you have taken, or a selfie you have drawn with your family. To do this, go to the Chrome Web Store and download the Background Image extension. Using the free extension you downloaded later, you can set the desired photo as the background image.