How does Deleting Facebook Change Our Life?

Facebook has become a big part of everyday life for each of our units for years, and the trust in this platform, which knows a lot about us, has declined in recent years, as you know.

Facebook, although it has fallen off the agenda now, was shaken by the negative development.

However, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are now a kind of addiction and have been used for many years, and it has become increasingly commonplace for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Closing accounts is not easy for people too. How does dropping Facebook use affect people's daily lives?

Joshua Litvinoff, 24, says he stopped using Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica incident broke out. The idea of ​​using our information without our knowledge causes us to feel as if we are not safe, and as a result, the measures taken by many internet users have increased after similar news.

Martina Dorff is the one who left Facebook after the elections in 2016. During the election period, Facebook and similar platforms appeared to be a kind of 'perception management', and every image and content that we confronted in social media remains somewhere in our consciousness although we do not notice it. This makes it easier to manipulate our ideas.

However, the only reason to delete Facebook is not the security and manipulation stories, but Dorff has left Facebook to get rid of this situation. Hayley Bennett, 20, says she feared that social media applications were very influential after watching a video about how "addictions" and users were designed to hold on to practice, and see how applications psychologically affect people.

Each of the users says they feel more free after they stop using Facebook, and they never miss the platform.

Bennett says that he has deleted all applications from his phone after watching the video and he has entered his accounts once or twice a day via the web. . Actually Facebook is not a good example in this sense because the average age of users has changed in the last few years and young people prefer to go to Twitter with Instagram. However, we must know that these reasons and conclusions apply to all applications.



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So, we can actually live without our shared, controlled and 'like' accounts. Moreover, contrary to what we think, social media has no contribution to our personality and social life place. For this reason, we must not forget that we can act consciously and abandon these habits without difficulty at the point where we believe that we are hurt.