How Dragonfly Will Work

A new information has emerged about how Google will work on the censored version of the argument, "Dragonfly" IN. According to the claim, the search engine will work with a method previously used to determine the identity of the user.

Google's search engine for China has come up with a new claim in this complex period of its own employees and US parliament members. The Intercept news site revealed details of how Dragonfly would work. According to the idea, Dragonfly will work by connecting users' phone numbers.

According to the sources reported, the search activity will work by connecting to the phone number through the Android application. With this method, the Chinese government, which provides most of its online services, will be able to provide more control over users.


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The government, which previously linked popular services such as WeChat and Weibo, to identity cards or phone numbers, is especially keen to ensure that mobile operators are selling SIM cards with the right identity. Human Rights Watch also says it would make it harder for the government to escape the pressure of the search for identity.

Another claim of the Intercept news site is that a Chinese company and search engine will collaborate and server data will be hosted and open to government access. The Intercept claims that search engine concerns, as well as air pollution data in China, are reflected in government manipulation.