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KNAPP supports the online grocery trade with automation solutions that can be optimally adapted even if the order volume fluctuates. The range of solutions extends from miniature warehouses connected to the branch (micro fulfillment center) to large, centralized fulfillment centers.

REWE digital processes online orders centrally

E-Grocer CFC (Central Fulfillment Center) from KNAPP is a solution for the central processing of e-commerce orders. REWE digital bundles the online activities of the REWE Group and supplies its customers from central warehouse locations (CFCs). In Cologne this happens in “Scarlet ONE”, the most modern food fulfillment center in continental Europe. The e-commerce orders for the REWE delivery service are prepared there.

For many consumers, this is the first port of call for a well-planned purchase. “The spread of COVID-19 has meant that we were able to enormously increase our standing among customers and the appreciation for the REWE delivery service. Our customers particularly value the option of contactless delivery of weekly purchases, ”says Wolf-Axel Schulze, Head of the Automated Fulfillment Center at REWE Markt. “However, there were also special challenges in the disposition of goods for critical product ranges, which led to an increased proportion of replacement items in delivery. The logic contained in KNAPP KiSoft, which, in conjunction with the REWE host system, automatically replaces order items that cannot be fulfilled, even while picking has already started, worked extremely well in this difficult situation, ”explains Tim Geißen, Head of WMS Management at REWE Markt.

In “Scarlet ONE” the orders for the REWE delivery service are prepared.

The preparatory work between REWE and KNAPP paid off, which ensured that REWE delivery service customers were supplied with food. “During this time, the processes in the warehouse as well as the immediate service call of the KNAPP system were put to the test several times. As a result, the processes have proven to be robust and excellent, ”says Stefan Freudenthaler, Head of Automation Technology at REWE Markt. “Another challenge was to meet the increased need for technical support. We could rely on the personal commitment of support and project managers on the part of KNAPP, ”adds Tim Geißen.

REWE digital supplies its customers from a CFC. In extraordinary situations this happens without contact.

Omnichannel: Everything from one warehouse

The innovative omnichannel solution from KNAPP optimally networks traditional and online business. This makes it possible to serve several sales channels starting from one warehouse: e-commerce, stationary food retail and a combination of both. Regardless of the segment in which increased performance is required, a flexible response is possible. Retailers with an omnichannel strategy are best equipped for the future and for all challenges in the food industry.

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