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The survey by ZweiDigital shows a complex picture of opinions and, in some cases, indecisive experts on current social media trends. Is social media a digital environment for everyone today, no matter how old? Over half of the experts surveyed (52 percent) are convinced that it is precisely the number of older people who are exposed to Facebook, Instagram and Co. romp through the corona pandemic has increased. Only 20 percent disagree or totally disagree with the statement that older people are increasingly using these channels due to the pandemic. 18 percent of respondents neither agree nor disagree with this statement.

Social media trends: great potential for retail

A very clear picture emerges from the assessment of the industry experts regarding the potential of social networks for retail: 65 percent of the participants believe that platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok will represent an important sales channel in the near future. Only 19 percent disagree with this statement, while the rest do not want to commit. Another 65 percent even believe that social networks are increasingly developing into providers of shop systems.

Clubhouse and TikTok: come to stay?

Only 23 percent of respondents believe that TikTok will establish itself as a newcomer among social media in the long term as an indispensable channel in the marketing mix. In contrast, 40 percent are of the opinion that TikTok will not develop into a sustainable alternative to the established platforms. The proportion of those who do not want to commit themselves to this question is also comparatively large at 37 percent.

Clubhouse will survive the hype and establish itself as an important communication platform. This is another thesis that the surveyed digital and marketing professionals were confronted with. Almost 55 percent disagree or totally disagree with this statement, while 38 percent neither agree nor disagree. The proportion of those experts who believe Clubhouse to live after the hype is seven percent.

Social media trends ZweiDigital
The most important statements of the experts on current social media trends. (Graphic: ZweiDigital)

Social media trends: will the privacy standards mean the end of personalization?

The topic of tracking and privacy is keeping the marketing world in suspense, especially in the wake of the upcoming iOS update 14. The results of the survey speak for themselves: Almost every second respondent (48 percent) believes that it is becoming increasingly difficult to address consumers with personalized advertising due to stricter data protection measures. Only 27 percent disagree with this assumption.

There is an even bigger gap between approval and rejection when it comes to the question of whether digital marketing strategies need to be fundamentally reconsidered and adapted against the background of more difficult tracking and higher privacy standards. While 66 percent of the respondents underline this thesis, just 14 percent are of the opinion that a greater need for adjustment is not necessary.

The survey methodology: In order to interview experts from the digital and marketing industry on current social media trends, ZweiDigital made use of its own expertise and drew attention to the online survey of advertisements in selected social networks within the target group. The targeting strategy built on both the target audience’s interest in social media and the professional environment in the field. In total, ZweiDigital reached around 19,000 relevant people with its survey, of which 207 answered all questions in full.

The ZweiDigital GmbH is a social ads agency based in Frankfurt. The mission of the agency, founded by Philipp Reittinger and Andreas Arndt in 2018, is to strengthen the visibility of brands and companies in the B2B and B2C environment with campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok and in this way to make them measurable for their business – Contribute to success. (sg)

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