How Instagram intends to share influencers in sales in the future – eCommerce Magazin

Instagram is now also testing a revenue share model in combination with ads in IGTV in Germany and France. We start with a small selection of aspiring creators. In this case, you will receive part of the advertising revenue generated by advertisements on your IGTVs. Last year Instagram tested the model for the first time with a few selected US creators. It was then expanded to Great Britain and Australia earlier this year.

Revenue share model in testing now

IGTV Ads first appear when users click on IGTVs in the preview of their feed. They are up to 15 seconds long. Instagram is curious about the new findings of German and French creators and would like to build on previous optimizations together with them. The option field for monetizing IGTV videos has already been highlighted more clearly and that Professional dashboard Introduced as a central point of contact for creatives.

Instagram also announces today that creators who already have their own product lines can now link their shop to their personal account in addition to their business account.

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