How is Dash coin and how is Dash coin taken? Detailed guide

In the rapidly growing crypto-money ecosystem, investors and traders are having difficulty choosing coins. It is not feasible to deserve this when it is thought that the crypto money market is an area where more than 1600 crypto moneys are involved. Maybe this guide can help potential crypto money investors. Today's guide is Dash. What is Dash coin? Details are below:

Dash first appeared in 2014, originally known as Darkcoin, and was designed to provide user privacy and anonymity.

In fact, Evan Duffield and Daniel Diaz, who wrote the technical document for cryptographic money,

Although they still have strong encryption features, they have been reshaping their goals since then.

In Dash's website, the statement "Dash is a digital cash you can spend everywhere" is declared.

The change in Dash's vision served him well.

What is the difference between Dash and Bitcoin

The main difference between Dash and Bitcoin lies in the algorithm used for coin mining

A modification of the Proof of Stake algorithm Dash, which uses the X11 algorithm, is also using Conjoin mixing to blend operations and provide privacy in Blockchain. Bitcoin, on the other hand, uses a Proof of Work algorithm

Besides this, there is another difference between the two crypto

For beginners, both have different systems to handle transactions [19659002] The operations in Bitchin's Blockchain have to be verified by all nodes in the network.

The process, designed to provide consensus without authority, requires a significant investment infrastructure for full nodes or mining dedicated nodes. In this system, Bitcoin miners who run full nodes are increasing the amount of time and money to provide the ideal operation.

As recent events have shown, the process takes time and fails to prevent clogging because the slow operation causes a stack of operations in Bitcoin's memory pool.

This, therefore, can lead to high transaction fees and can not make Bitcoin a crypto currency for daily transactions.

Dash used economic incentives as a starting point.

In the technical documentation of the founding partners of Crypto-PAYAN, they state that they allow users to pay for services and to regain their investments. Masternode also solves scalability issues for operations.

As of February 16, there were 4,719 Masternodes in Dash's network. In December 2017 there was a rise from 4,510 Masternod to this level.

The second innovation in Dash's ecosystem lies in the management model.

Two crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin and Litecoin, with similar wishes to Dash, were grown up by academic institutions . To a large extent, the future development of these crypto money depends on donations from these institutions.

Dash pioneered a self-financing model, separating block rewards among the three stakeholders (Masternodes, Miners and Treasury)

Masternodes and miners get a 45 percent share. The 10 percent portion is used to finance Dash's future development projects.

Masternodes play an important role here too;

How to get Dash coin

You can get Dash using Binance, which has become a popular stock exchange shortly with low commission fees and stable infrastructure

via Binance registration link Once you have created your account, just follow these steps to get Dash:

1- Send your account Bitchoin in Binance. Click Deposits & Withdrawals .

2 – Enter BTC BTC in the search box on the page that opens and click on Bitcoin ' Find Deposit .

3- Copy the address of your wallet that you have created here and send this adrese Bitcoin over the stock market or wallet where your Bitcoins are located. Your Bitcoins will pass your Binance account within 15 minutes

4. If your Bitcoins are running, click Basic Basic on the Exchange link next to the Binance logos.

On the page that opens, find the DASH / BTC pair and click it. Then make your purchase from the Buy section under the graph. In the Price section, enter the amount you would like to receive, in the Amount section, enter the amount of Dash you want to receive and press Buy Dash . If you want to buy it more easily, you can do it through Market tab.