How Many Days Do I Need to Buy an iPhone X?

The Spectator Index explained how many days in the city to work on to become an iPhone X owner. We compared the published list with other cities in the list of Turkey although Turkey's statistical city.

Apple announced a new iPhone and the prices of these devices recently. With the release of Apple Deals Turkey, the iPhone has a serious all the time, except X old phone. With this increase, it is clear how many new smartphones will be sold on the average TL.

According to the report prepared by The Spectator Index, which cities to buy in order to buy iPhone X, the number of days to buy new iPhone's, which is 16 thousand TL, explained that it should work. According to this report, people living in Switzerland's famous city of Zurich can only own an iPhone X for 4.7 days. Zurich is following New York for 6.7 days and Toronto for 7.9 days. List in Istanbul or not any Turkey of the city, but according to research to get X a new iPhone you need to work an average of 138 days in Turkey. [19659003] iPhone can receive Turkey's 138 days work X, who face great problems as the civil war in Egypt 133 days in Cairo, 115 days in Mumbai, the crowded city of India.

The Turkish Lira has lost considerable value with the recent economic tensions with the United States. The result of this depreciation began to reflect on technological devices as well. Initially, stocks of technology stocks from stock began to reflect this price difference in orders. Turkey is now a working man receives only one iPhone at the same time working for a Swiss full 30 X can buy the iPhone.

The Spectator Index's Report

Cairo: 133.3
Mumbai: 114.7
Kiev: 88.5
Beijing: 39.3
Moscow: 37.3
Dubai: 13.4
Tel Aviv: 12.7
London: 11.3
Hong Kong: 9.4
Tokyo: 8.8
Paris: 8.7
Toronto: 7.9
New York: 6.7
Zurich: 4.7