How much Alibaba invested in Trendyol

In the past days we learned that online shopping giant Alibaba invested in Trendyol and the amount of investment made today.

About one month ago, one of the most important agreements in terms of online trade in our country was signed. Trendyol, operating in our country, succeeded in attracting Alibaba's attention and decided to invest in Chinese online shopping giant Trendyol. Previously the amount of the investment and the terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but the details were evident throughout the day.

Estimates made on investment previously were around $ 750 million, and the total amount paid for the deal was $ 728 million. In a statement from Alibaba, "Trendyol, Turkey's leading online fashion retailer. Company in June 2018, to invest in Trendyol and has allocated a budget of 728 million dollars to purchase the shares of existing investors. Investment, one of the company's international expansion policy It is part of. " expressions were used.


            Competition Authority Approved, Trendyol Officially Sold to Alibaba

In Alibaba's statements, the share of the company is not disclosed, but it is estimated to be 75 percent. So it's estimated that the total value of Trendyol will reach 1 billion dollars. With this agreement, we can easily say that Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba is also our country in future plans