How Much is Bugatti Veyron's Annual Maintenance Cost?

Manny Khoshbin owns a garage with two Bugatti Veyron. In a video, Khoshbin explained how much this W16-powered monster actually cost.

French car company founded in 1909 Bugattiis usually the most known Veyron model car with the dreams of most speed enthusiasts has become a brand. Bugatti Veyron has reached an incredibly high level in terms of performance. Besides performance, luxury is not neglected. The car's sales prices are as high as its performance and luxury.

The real estate tycoon, founder and CEO of Khoshbin Company Manny Khoshbinis a business person who likes to invest his money in cars. In addition to these cars, Manny has 2 Mercedes SLR McLaren in his garage and 2 Bugatti Veyron with W16 engine. His own YouTube channel, Manny, often broadcasts videos about cars, and in his latest video, he owned a Bugatti Veyron. tear care costs He explained.

Video of Bugatti Veyron's annual maintenance cost:

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To have a Bugatti Veyron, at least 7 digits You need to have a budget that reaches numbers, but Veyron's cost is not limited to this. Although not in every car, the Bugatti Veyron needs to go through very rigorous maintenance, and to do so more than enough must open.

First of all, Bugatti says that the fluids in the car should be changed annually and without that the car will not perform properly. The owner of a Veyron, at least to replace these fluids $ 25,000 charges. The company advises all Veyron users to replace the car's tires every 2 years. New tire sets for cars $ 38,000 Veyron erodes the owners pocket.

This is not limited to:

Bugatti Veyron

As for the wheels itself, the wheels of the car need to be changed every 16,100 kilometers, so you need to open the pouch a little more for the $ 50,000 charge of the new wheel set. At least until this point is reached $ 100,000 ($ 573,647) an expense is made. With these price conditions in Turkey quite owner of a luxury car You can.

In the technical part of the car, the cost for each turbocharger is $ 6,400 and the construction phase of these holds $ 9 thousand. The air cooler needs to be made for a cost of 9 thousand dollars in the car has 2 of them and the cost of fitting them 2 thousand dollars. The car's camshaft sensors start at $ 800, but you need to pay $ 21,000 to install them. Finally, the most expensive part of the car's fuel tank for 20 thousand dollars to be discarded, it is necessary to pay for the installation of 22 thousand dollars.


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Long story short; a Bugatti Veyron owner of the car bites in a way, conditions in Turkey new car means you can. You can also buy a full fortune every year for the maintenance of your car. car benefit need to pay.

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