How Much Is Your Information Sold On The Dark Web?

Privacy Affairs created a table showing the average price of data captured with the information it collected on the Dark Web. The table included everything from credit card information to identity information, from crypto money accounts to social media accounts.

Especially since the beginning of 2020, the closure of everyone with the coronavirus has created a great opportunity for hackers. During this period, NASA, McDonald’s, Visa, MasterCard, Microsoft, Google and many other big names were attacked. In these attacks, users information such as credit card details, online banking passwords, and social media passwords captured.

The hackers who captured the information either did other things themselves or did not use the information on the Dark Web. offered for sale illegally. So, what is the average price tag for each of our stolen pieces of information? Here is the answer to this question, in the table that Privacy Affairs revealed with the information collected from the Dark Web.

Your information on the Dark Web is sold for this amount:


dark web

dark web

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Averaging the price information he received on the Dark Web on May 9 Privacy Affairshas listed what is requested for many ‘products’ such as credit card information, payment services, cryptocurrency accounts, social media, information obtained on various hacked platforms, e-mail databases and DDOS attacks and malware.

For example, according to the list, a captured and copied Mastercard card with its password is sold on the Dark Web for an average of $ 25. Accounts with up to $ 1,000 in balance $ 150Credit cards seized with CVV information globally $ 35Seized PayPal accounts with a minimum balance of $ 1,000 From $ 120 finds buyers.

The list also includes stolen accounts that users in various cryptocurrency exchanges have fully verified. Accordingly, a verified account on Binance $ 410,’daki $ 310, Kranken’deki $ 810 ve Coinbase’deki $ 610 selling. The average price tag on social media accounts is 45 dollars on Instagram, 65 dollars on Facebook and 35 dollars on Twitter.

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