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zenloop, provider of an integrated experience management platform, and Parcel Perform, a package tracking service for retailers around the world, now have it E-Commerce Delivery Report to Post purchase experience released. The survey shows that European consumers are generally satisfied with the delivery of parcels, but nevertheless for online retailers and logistics service providers potential for improvement consists. So gave 24 percent of European consumers after a package delivery, to rate their delivery on a 5-star scale with only one to three stars and thus poor to average.

Post-Purchase Experience: Satisfaction scale in a European comparison

The most negative feedback in Europe (most 1-3 star ratings) was given by consumers in Italy and Spain (31 percent). The lowest rate in dissatisfaction shared consumers in France and the Benelux countries (20 percent), closely followed by Austria (21 percent). Germany and the United Kingdom were on the dissatisfaction scale with 25 percent and 24 percent respectively in the European midfield – here a quarter of all recipients want better service.

Regarding the total post-purchase experience – i.e. the period between a completed purchase and the actual delivery of a package – Germany was in the report with an average Net Promoter Score Rating (NPS) of 62 above the European average of 56.

Austria is the leader in valuation

German online retailers and logistics service providers offered the second best customer experience overall after purchasing a product in a European comparison. The best post-purchase experience by far was made by consumers in Austria, which took the top position with an average net promoter score of 74 with a clear lead. The UK and Denmark each came in last at 49 NPS, followed closely by Switzerland (50).

Contrary to expectations, the survey shows only a weak correlation between customer satisfaction and the actual delivery time of a package. Although Austria had the longest delivery time for deliveries compared to Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (3.7 days), customer satisfaction after delivery was highest here. In Germany, where the average delivery time was only 2.6 days, customer satisfaction after parcel delivery was four percentage points lower.

The main reasons for one bad customer experience Above all, incorrectly communicated delivery times (43.5 percent) as well as undelivered or lost parcels (23.7 percent) counted across all examined countries. Consumers also cited inadequate customer service from the logistics service providers (22.4 percent) and inadequate communication about the delivery arrangements after the purchase of goods (8.7 percent) as further reasons for their dissatisfaction.

Post-purchase experience: More precise information for more customer satisfaction

Based on these results, the following can be concluded for online retailers and logistics service providers: Querying customer feedback at specific touchpoints after completing a purchase is a good way of evaluating performance. Using customer experience metrics such as the Net Promoter System or the 5- The star scale can be quantitatively as well as qualitatively determined at which points the customer journey needs improvement – an important measure for the long-term success of online retailers.

Specifically, online retailers and logistics companies should make sure to send precise delivery information and proactively educate consumers about possible changes in the delivery time. The delivery status notifications also serve as an important customer loyalty tool, especially when the dealer communicates himself. Online retailers should also keep an eye on the quality of customer service and the delivery rate of their logistics service providers and ensure the necessary transparency.

The methodology of the survey

Parcel Perform analyzed a total of 65,083 parcel shipments between September 2018 and September 2019. After using the independent tracking service Parcel Monitor, parcel recipients were asked to rate a supplier and its delivery behavior on a 5-star scale. They also had the opportunity to leave a comment to justify their rating. In total, parcel deliveries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden and Great Britain were included in the analysis.

zenloop Between September 2018 and September 2019, analyzed a total of 1,933,553 customer feedback after delivery delivery and 283,559 customer feedback after interaction with Customer Service. To quantify customer feedback, the Net Promoter System (NPS) was used, in which customers could assess whether they would recommend the previous interaction with the company. The evaluation takes place on a scale from 0 (very unlikely) to 10 (very likely) and a free text field. The percentage difference between advocates (rating 9-10) and critics (rating 0-6) gives the Net Promoter Score.

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