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Hashtag you, an innovative brand builder for direct-to-consumer brands in Berlin, is partnering with the omnichannel customer engagement platform Emarsys known. The Emarsys platform will bring together data from 90,000 customers of AVA & MAY, the first brand built by Hashtag You. With this, Emarsys supports the brand in terms of customer loyalty strategy in strengthening the loyalty to their customers and one integrated omnichannel journey to offer.

The right customer loyalty strategy for more sales

Before Emarsys, Hashtag You used a highly fragmented WooCommerce infrastructure. The previous system was not consistent enough, because isolated AVA & MAY customer data limited the effectiveness of the newsletter and loyalty program. The customer relationship management system had already contributed up to 25 percent to company sales. But it was still an advanced one Platform for customer data (Customer Data Platform, CDP) required to run the Customer loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

The Emarsys solution easily met these challenges by providing personalization, analytics, data unification, and functionality Omnichannel communication connects in a single platform. The basis for this is the integration of Shopify Plus, with which users can create an intelligent segmentation of the contacts and benefit from automated retention marketing. Combined with the Emarsys Loyalty Module, AVA & MAY can now provide a targeted and consistent loyalty program for customers with wish lists, availability notifications and subscriptions for certain products.

Accurate analysis of customer behavior records

AVA & MAY can be with Emarsys Email campaigns, offline mailing and CRM advertising Start and manage within a single platform to capture leaner and more coherent records. These records can then be analyzed in terms of customer behavior and preferences so that marketing and creative teams can align with the company’s overall customer retention strategy.

Emarsys complements this data with practice-oriented, industry-specific strategies that align Hashtag You’s business goals with proven processes. AVA & MAY and Hashtag You benefit from industry-wide data sets with collaborative projects like the Emarsys ccinsights initiativethat enables customers to understand changing consumer demands across the industry.

The right customer loyalty strategy is the key in e-commerce

“E-commerce is – especially in the current situation – a growing market, which means that the competition for the best advertising spaces is increasing and with it the costs for customer acquisition. We needed a platform that would help us to retain new customers effectively and in the long term, and to use them as multipliers in recommendation marketing for us, ”explains Sascha Dexler, co-founder and managing director of Hashtag You.

“The Emarsys platform is leading the way in collecting, organizing and selecting the data we need to improve our customer journey. It is a one-stop solution that directly addresses the weaknesses of our previous infrastructure. We were very impressed with the Emarsys onboarding process and our Customer Success Manager was incredibly responsive, ”continued Dexler.

“Hashtag You is a classic example of a company that has demonstrated flexibility and creativity in building its data infrastructure from the start, but has now outgrown this system because of the company’s success,” said Sara Richter, CMO at Emarsys. “The Emarsys platform enables successful CRM departments to further expand their success through centralization and comprehensive insights and to optimize omnichannel engagement and market development.”

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