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Zebra Technologies now has its newest Circular economy program presented. The program enables more sustainable processes by buying back selected Zebra mobile computers, selling or renting Zebra-certified refurbished devices, and recycling services for devices that are no longer used. The program reduces that Environmental impact through the extended product life cycle in the supply chains of Zebra and its customers. It consists of the Zebra device buy-back program, the Certified Refurbished Device Sales and Rental program and the recycling service.

Product life cycle: Lower costs for the purchase of new devices

The Device buy-back program von Zebra offers customers the opportunity to dispose of older devices responsibly and at the same time reduce the costs of buying new technologies. With the Certified Refurbished Device Sales and Rental program customers can close technological gaps while maintaining functionality and productivity of the company. Zebra-certified, processed devices go through a strict process 24-stage refurbishment process. They are fully tested and are equipped with batteries and the latest operating system. A

The program also includes a 90-day warranty, as well as an option to purchase one or two years of Zebra OneCare support (included when renting refurbished equipment). These are the only official Zebra programs that offer customers an economical, environmentally friendly option to upgrade their technology.

New ways to produce less waste

Even customers who have different occupancy rates throughout the year, e.g. with regard to personnel planning or a cyclical business volume, are addressed with the program. Of the Zebra recycling service supports customers in creating a sustainable plan for all used Zebra mobile computers. Zebra makes it easier to recycle these devices in accordance with legal requirements Electrical equipment recycling requirements, such as the EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and other requirements to ensure environmentally friendly handling.

Zebra Stanley
Jennifer Stanley is Vice President, Global Support & Managed Services at Zebra Technologies.

“We’re continually creating opportunities to help customers make their operations future-proof,” said Jennifer Stanley, vice president, global support & managed services at Zebra Technologies. “The Circular Economy program helps customers and our company reuse and recycle devices while reducing waste and increasing device longevity. This means that significant progress can be made towards sustainability. ”

Zebra Technologies is involved in its Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities on behalf of its stakeholders for initiatives in the field of the environment, social welfare and public administration. Zebra’s Circular Economy program makes a significant contribution to these initiatives. Customers can contact their local Zebra sales representative to determine the suitability of the devices for buyback and recycling and to inquire about the certified, processed devices.

Product lifecycle: that’s the concept behind Zebra

  • The Zebra circular economy program offers a number of options for recycling, reusing and refurbishing Zebra devices.
  • The availability of certified, remanufactured devices offers a more economical alternative for companies facing fluctuations in demand throughout the year or companies that need to extend the life or number of their devices.
  • The circular economy program is part of the CSR activities from Zebra and at the same time the company’s first non-linear business model.

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