How to Change the Keyboard Language in Windows 10?

When installing a Windows 10 operating system on your computer, you will be prompted for the keyboard languages ​​you want to add by default. If you have chosen the wrong keyboard language and do not know how to change the keyboard language, we have prepared a small guide that will be useful for you. How to change the keyboard language on Windows 10 computers, let’s take a look together.

Windows 10 runs on one or more keyboard language allows you to add. If you did not select your default keyboard language correctly during the installation, when you press the keys on your physical keyboard, the computer can detect it differently. In such a case too keyboard language change is inevitable.

Actually in Windows 10 keyboard language It is a very easy process to change and takes about 2 minutes to do. On computers with the Windows 10 operating system how to change the keyboard language If you are wondering, we have prepared a detailed guide for you. If you wish, let’s move on to our guide without further cheating.

Changing the Windows 10 keyboard language:

  • Step # 1: Pressing the Windows key Settings enter.
  • Step # 2: Time and Language Enter the tab.
  • Step # 3: Tongue Go to and Preferred languages Click on the default language in the To options Click.
  • Step # 4: Keyboards from part ‘Add keyboardClick ‘and select the keyboard language you want. add.
  • Step # 5: Located at the bottom right TYPE Click the icon to open your selected keyboard. replace.

Step # 1: Enter Settings by pressing the Windows key.

change keyboard language

Located on the left side of the taskbar. Windows Click on the icon and click the cog icon right above it to Windows Settings go.

Step # 2: Enter the Time and Language tab.

change keyboard language

Combo Settings window located in the middle of the screen, where you will change the keyboard language Time and Language Click on the tab.

Step # 3: Scroll down to the Language option and click the default language in the Preferred languages ​​section and click Options.

change keyboard language

In the Time and Language window, on the left. Tongue Click. Scroll down in the opening section and Preferred languages bride. Click on your default language selected and where it opens To options Click.

Step # 4: Click on ‘Add a keyboard’ option in the Keyboards section and add the desired keyboard language.

change keyboard language

Go downstairs Keyboards Come to the title and Add keyboard Click. In the small window that opens, select the language you want and click.

Step # 5: Complete the selected keyboard language change by clicking the TOUR icon at the bottom right.

change keyboard language

After completing all these processes, the TYPE or ENG Click the icon and default keyboard language change complete.

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