How to Develop Facebook's Video Dialer

Facebook's artificial team of smartphones and smartphones, the developer's team explained how the development of the portal device.

Facebook, the video search tool after publishing the portal last November, finally opened the device and the portal's internal operating mechanism it showed. Facebook Hardware Vice President Rafa Camargo and Matt Uyttendaele gave detailed information to Engadget about the development process of the portal

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Group (FAIR, Facebook's AI Research), when the team starts working on the system, will feel ve Natural and attractive How do we do an automated camera? hareket

In order to create this effect, the developer team of Portal designed the smart camera to imitate the movements. According to Camargo, at this stage of development, the team worked with award-winning film directors, documentary filmmakers and cameramen. The feedback they received helped them guide the development phase. . In fact, we had the main focus that the camera had disappeared, because the camera's moments aren't noticeable, medi says Camargo for this phase. As a team, it was decided what to use in hardware and the artificial intelligence was started to be developed to give commands. The start was made with Mask R-CNN, a body identification system that can identify objects in images. According to Uyttendaele, Mask R-CNN was very good at finding the objects in the visuals, and it was quite suitable for the job.

However, the Mask model in 2017 was not very suitable for the Portal that was wanted to be developed. The existing Mask model then required additional processes and cooling equipment, making the Portal more expensive but less reliable. Then the Facebook research team developed the model and developed the model called Mask R-CNN2Go. Mask 2 Go was 400 times faster than before.

According to Uyttendale, me The original Mask R-CNN study had set aside the capacity to identify people in different situations. Geliştiril But the main goal in the development of the Portal was stability and efficiency.

Camargo "We really needed the Portal to understand the exact body position. For example, think about lying on the sofa with a blanket on it. The system should see it. You should only see your face. it should be horizontal because it should be able to set you differently. 65

The intelligent camera's intelligent intelligence analyzes every frame of video calls. This way, it can efficiently monitor different human-like objects in the environment. Portal and a larger variant of Portal + is currently on sale, but has not finished working on Facebook, Mask2Go and smart camera technologies. The company is working on an augmented reality feature called Story Time.


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Camargo Story Time says ve We see that it has a huge potential, augmented reality can help people connect and stay connected, [hesays