How to Get Smeargle in Pokemon Go [Detailed with Video]

Smeargle is also in Pokemon Go. However it is much more difficult to find than others. The problem is not only that it’s hard to find, but you also need to use the Snapshoot feature to catch a Smeargle. Which is harder to learn and control than others. Decide whether it’s worth the effort.

In Pokemon Go, Smeargle is the last remaining 2nd generation Pokémon. So it’s finally here and you’re probably wondering how to get Go Smeargle in Pokemon Go. You have to use the new snapshot camera because the guy, this guy, loves photobombing. Here’s what you need to know to catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go and how to get smeargle to appear in pokemon.

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How to get Smeargle in Pokemon Go

How to get Smeargle in Pokemon Go

Capturing Smeargle in Pokemon Go involves using the brand new snapshot mode, which was introduced a few days ago. Once you’ve taken a picture of one of your beloved Pokémon, there’s a chance the Smeargle Photobomb will look like a crazy dog. Here are the steps you need to take to catch a Pokemon Go Smeargle:

Navigate to your items and select the camera followed by any pokemon, or select the pokemon of your choice and select the camera icon in the top right corner
Take some photos of your chosen Pokemon and leave the camera mode
While navigating through your photos in the menu with a yellow background, Smeargle can have it photo-bombed
If Smeargle is not in any of your photos, repeat steps 1 through 3
If Smeargle is in a photo, just finish the process and Smeargle will appear as a wild Pokemon in the world around you
Tap on it and you will be guided to the normal capture process for a wild Pokemon
That’s all there is to it! This is what Smeargle looks like when you photobomb your pictures.

Tips on how to get Smeargle Pokemon Go
There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go:

You can only catch one smeargle per day – this is reset at midnight local time, not 24 hours after the last smeargle
The Pokémon that you take a photo of does not affect the likelihood that Dope will appear
We do not know the exact chance that Smeargle will turn up. Just rinse and repeat the above steps until this is the case
The Merset from Smeargle is copied from the pokemon photo. So if you want to use Smeargle in combat, you should use a stronger Pokemon
Smeargle can neither copy Ditto’s transformation nor learn two loaded moves
Fang Cry adds to the new cameraman badge
Smeargle stays in the wild for an hour before disappearing
Smeargle can appear on a photo of another Smeargles
Smeargle can run away from you, so throw a few razzberries if it’s your first

Here are the 2 videos about how to get Smeargle in Pokemon Go:

How Many Smeargle Can You Catch?

The answer is; there is no limit about catching Smeargle. You can get as many as you want to catch. But there is a daily limit that resets everyday midnight in your local time. So, Smeargle will not be as commonas it gets in Pokemon Go Snapshot modes.

Pokemon Go Dialga

Palkia may no longer be available on Pokemon Go, but a new 4th Generation Mythical Pokemon Dialga will soon be available at Raid Battles from March 1-28.

Palkia may no longer be on Pokemon Go, but it will soon be a new Legendary Pokemon. From March 1, the Pokemon Diamond mascot Dialga will start appearing on Raid Battles around the world. But as usual, you’ll be around for a limited time.

As with many other legend, you must team up with other players and fight Pokemon in a Gym where a Dialga Raid takes place to catch Dialga. If you manage to defeat Dialga, each player who joins Raid will receive a few Premier Balls and will have the opportunity to catch him.

What is Dialga? Dialga is the only steel / dragon Pokémon in the series. It gives a lot of resistance to other species. The best option for fighting is combining Fight and Earth Pokemon like Machamp, Hariyama and Groudon. Dialga will only appear on Raid Battles until March 28th and you will have a chance to catch one by the end of the month.

In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic recently introduced Team Madallion to the app’s playstore. This product allows players to change team commitments every 365 days. The developer has also launched a new AR photo mode, the only way to face the tough Pokemon Smeargle.

Pokemon Go’s next Community Day event is scheduled to take place on March 23rd. This time will be Treecko, one of the three beginnings of Pokemon, Ruby and Sapphire. Players will also be able to catch Pokemon Eggs in the quarter they typically need during the event.