How to Increase Internet ‘Download’ Speed?

Internet, which is one of the leading actors of today’s life, can turn into suffering when high speeds cannot be reached. In order to keep the download speed as high as possible, we need to use a wired connection, close unneeded applications and know what we need.

The internet, which has become the hand of almost all humanity, makes our lives easier in all areas, including our communication with the rest of the planet. The speed of the internet, which is as important as its existence, is an important factor, unfortunately, every user access to high speeds can not provide. This situation has many variables. One of them is that the service offered in the location varies, while the other is that the speed of the purchased cannot be used at full efficiency to be.

Spending time on the internet only on social media in daily life, TV series, movies and similar content In this period when even people who use it to browse need high speed, there are some actions that users can take to use the internet at ideal speeds.

How to increase download speed?

  • Make sure you can reach the speed you purchased,
  • If you are using a wireless connection, improve the location of your modem,
  • Disconnect technology devices that are not actively used,
  • Do not keep applications you do not use open,
  • Use LAN cable for a more consistent connection,
  • If the modem you are using does not support the speed you pay for, buy a new modem,
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) company.

Make sure you can reach the speed you purchased:


Apart from the insufficient package you purchased, you may not be able to reach the speed you paid for. To check whether you can reach the speed promised by the service you paid the bill for ory You can use similar websites.

If you’re using a wireless connection, improve your modem’s location:


We connect to the internet wirelessly in almost all of our smart devices. In this case, one of the most important details is the location of our modem. The modem’s ability to distribute signals properly and download speed it must be located in the most central position in the environment. Thus, it can be taken one step further for a consistent internet connection.

Disconnect technology gadgets that are not actively used:

Wi-Fi signal

Devices that are connected to the same network but you do not use can use your internet connection without your knowledge. It is inevitable that the applications in the devices are automatically updated or with an update to the device. Your internet connection not to be badly affected It is recommended that you disconnect devices that are not in use from the network.

Do not keep apps you don’t use open:

Application close screen

It may not be useful for applications on computers and other smart devices to remain open in the background. Every application that refreshes itself in the background is allowed to use your internet, which means burdens your network connection. Keeping unnecessary applications off your computer and smart devices eliminates this possibility.

If your connection is wired, use a LAN cable for a more consistent connection:

LAN cable

Although the wireless connection is useful, it may not be consistent under some conditions. Especially when watching TV series, movies and similar content on online platforms, a surge in the wireless network can be a source of pleasure and the download speed The difference can often be a chasm. To avoid all this, wired connection We recommend you to choose.

If the modem you use does not support the speed you pay for, buy a new modem:

Modem entries

Modems are divided into groups. Some modems only ADSL Some modems are suitable for high speed infrastructures while supporting the connection type. If the modem you are using does not support the speed you purchased, you will literally pay the bill for nothing. In this case, buying a new modem will be the only thing that will solve your problem. You can inquire about the modem exchange possibilities by calling the company that received your internet service on the subject.

If the speed you have purchased is not enough for your needs, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) company:


In addition to all the above items, it is possible that the package you purchased does not meet your needs. Than daily use heavy internet use If so, standard packages will not satisfy the user. If you are using a package that is not sufficient for your needs, we recommend that you contact your internet service provider company to change it.