How to increase your sales on the international stage

One of the basic tasks for e-commerce is above all high data qualitythat ensures your competitiveness. Because valid customer data is the be-all and end-all for

  • a functioning supply chain,
  • a smooth ordering process including timely delivery,
  • lower costs,
  • higher fraud protection and
  • reliable identity or credit checks.

The other way around, you get expensive wrong addresses. You have to correct them extensively, there are delays in delivery or even returns, which then have to be brought back on the trip. Did you know that more than 16 percent of all shipments are sent through the world undeliverable or arrive late because the addresses are simply wrong?

Timely deliveries and better service increase customer satisfaction

Poor data quality therefore means a lot of time and enormous costs. In addition, the Customer experience, which in turn is detrimental to customer loyalty and thus leads to a drop in sales. If you want to avoid this and want to be future-proof, you cannot avoid checking the addresses of your customers and managing them using modern technologies. As an e-commerce provider, you also benefit from valid data by using it for Direct marketing campaigns or a personal customer approach, for example for cross-selling, and thus increase their sales opportunities.

E-commerce: correct customer data right from the start

Ideally get there only correct customer data into the systems. Solutions that help your customers directly with the ordering process while they are entering their address data, make valid suggestions, for example, for place names or street names. This can avoid a large number of typing errors. In addition, auto-completion speeds up the entry of address data and thus simplifies the ordering process. The risk that the customer cancels the purchase process decreases. In addition to auto-completion, you can check, standardize and correct the data entered with address validation in real time. So only accurate data gets into your system.

The whole thing can also work on the international stage, provided that the solution can check and map the various address formats used in other countries. There are worldwide more than 100 different address formatsthat are arranged differently. Sometimes the place name is in front of or behind the postcode, sometimes under it. In some countries, it is essential to specify federal states or provinces so that the shipment reaches the recipient. In addition, each country has different local postal regulations that must be followed. The output on the address label must therefore correspond to the official postal format of the country so that your items reach the recipient.

White paper: How to get higher sales at lower costs


Find out in our white paper how you can meet these and other challenges professionally in order to achieve higher sales nationally and internationally at lower costs.
You will see that an address validation solution has a positive effect on your ROI and therefore pays off again after a short time. In addition, you will receive tips and approaches on how you can eliminate incorrect addresses from your systems and thus ensure smooth processes. The white paper rounds off a checklist with aspects that you should consider when choosing address validation software.

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