How to Plan Instagram Stories

Instagram is becoming more popular as the most widely used social media application, while the story feature of the application is used by millions of people. Did you know that you can plan your stories in advance and share them when the time comes?

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media applications in recent years. The story feature of the application is used by approximately 400 million people every day. Creating content for Instagram stories has now become a big market. The feature, translated as oluy story sharing etkili, is the reason why we prefer it as a highly effective method not only for personal purposes but also for marketing activities. Therefore, it is necessary to spend a little effort and time to draw the story.


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Later, an application offers features that will be very useful to people who spend a lot of time sharing stories. The application you can control from your computer is synchronized with your phone. This application helps you to organize, plan, and even adjust the time you want to share, and it also reminds you to share your time when you have a timeframe. We have compiled the application details for you.

1- Streamline your content

Thanks to the aya storyboard tool leri section in the application, you can sort the contents you want to add and plan them visually. This feature is very simple to use. You simply drag and drop the content you want into the specified box. Then you can place the content you drag in a sequence, you can perform cutting and formatting in the sizes you want.

2- Add Articles and Links to the Story


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Essays, notes, hashtags that you will add to increase the visibility of your stories are of great importance. In a fast-to-do sharing, sometimes the necessary attention may not be given. This reduces the interaction of your content and creates a negative situation for marketing and sales methods. With the drafts you prepare in advance on your computer, the application automatically adds the articles you add to your content and other necessary add-ons to your phone when it's time to share.

3- Set the Time to Share the Story

You can now schedule after finishing your stories. To the right of the seç storyboard tool hemen checkbox that you are using for editing, click the “save story sağ button. You can easily select the date and time you want the reminder for sharing to be made.

When it's time to share, the app will send you a reminder and download all the content you have prepared to your phone. In this way, within seconds, you will be able to share well-prepared content as a story.


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The app also has a portion that makes detailed analysis. By activating this feature, you can see the interactions that your shares have received, and you can follow the traffic generated in your account in detail. The analysis can analyze data up to 3 months and share it with the user. This paid-for application is offered to users from $ 9 per month.


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